Avocado Coin Is The First Token Of Various Cryptos Supported By The Agribusiness Industry

There has been a dramatic increase in avocado production in Mexico over the last decade, which is the largest producer in the world.
By 2020, Latin America will produce 2.39 million metric tons of avocado. Advances in agricultural technology have the potential to increase productivity by up to 45 percent while reducing water consumption by up to 35 percent. By 2030, avocados will be the most traded tropical fruit, according to the OECD and UN Agricultural Outlook study.
Avocado Coin, a new digital currency created by AvoTrade, promotes and supports the cultivation of quality avocado farms. He worked closely with agribusiness; farmers launched ICOs to raise capital for various agricultural projects related to avocado production and farming.

Avocado Coin
Avocado Coin is the first of several agribusiness-backed cryptocurrencies that will drive green agro projects.
Avocado Coin is the first Token of several crypto-backed agribusiness industries.
This coin is backed by the avocado and agribusiness industries, creating a global network of avocado groves that will be used for the production of Avocado Coin, Avocado Green, and all future agribusiness-backed tokens. The Avocado Coin Tree Plantation will also be used as leverage for future financing, with the aim of creating a self-sustaining cryptocurrency system.

Avocado Coin Mission
Microfinance for the betterment of our planet will be made possible by an ecosystem that includes Avocado Coin.
Our goal is to establish ourselves as a leader in the development of agriculturally relevant disruptive technologies.
To maximize our resources and promote green agro projects, we rely on 4th generation blockchain technology, IoT and Agro 4.0.
Be a part of one of the few cryptocurrencies backed by real projects and people who are willing to use technology to improve society.

A Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) is a type of organization that is supposed to be automated and decentralized. It functioned as a sort of open-source venture capital fund, with no normal management structure or board of directors. The DAO is unaffiliated with any nation-state in order to be totally decentralized, despite using the Ethereum network.
By putting decision-making power in the hands of an automated system and a crowdsourced process, DAO is seen to have the potential to remove human mistake or manipulation of investor funds, as well as allowing investors to deposit money anonymously from anywhere in the world. It also gives users who possess tokens the ability to vote on potential initiatives.
Integrating Avocado Coin as one of the world’s largest communities ensures that the fantastic coin’s full potential is realized through transparent/collaborative efforts and a result-oriented professional spirit. It also has the strongest efficacy to develop a more efficient future through P2E blockchain gaming while rewarding $AVG holders through staking, referrals, assisting with the expansion of DAO, operational community events, and management of the DAO operations ERC-20 blockchain.

It is a blockchain-based payment currency that aids in the advancement of agricultural technologies.
Green Gold Coin aids in the process of obtaining cash for the development of green initiatives via the use of technology and approaches.
Enabling a more secure and reliable flow of goods and services to a global consumer market is a major benefit of this technology’s implementation.
The Green Gold Coin helps to make all items and services in The Green Gold Wallet easier to exchange.
It also aspires to be a global reference that facilitates the continuous application of agricultural technologies, as well as Blockchain technologies, even into the fourth generation.
To make the most of available resources and to promote ever-greening agro-projects all throughout the world.
Avocado Coin is planned to be a component of an ecosystem designed to support and help in the generation of mass micro-funds for the benefit of the planet.
For the fulfillment of a sustainable development, this crypto currency technology aids in the requirement to enhance food production, minimize waste to a considerable level, and take care of the planet’s ecology.

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