Dexgem Is Launching Onchain And Offchain Storage Servers


Dexgem has been closely following the launch of Binance Chain and we love what we see so far. Because we believe in blockchain and the versatility of nodes, we want to contribute and contribute to Binance Chain and blockchain development. Dexgem was originally deployed on the Binance Smart Chain, and our services will operate across multiple chains.

Dexgem has launched its Testnet today, opening our platform to users. This distributed storage service is built for projects, communities, and token developers to safeguard valuable data without the risk of third-party interference. With our blockchain agnostic platform, applications can use tools that suit them.

Dexgem is excited to announce the launch of DEXgem onchain and offchain storage servers to support ERC20, Stellar, and NEP-5. With native support for these coins, token developers and communities will now be able to deploy the tools that best suit their needs and requirements through Dexgem.

Dexgem (DEX) is proud to announce it will launch Dexgem Onchain and Offchain Storage. This mix of decentralized and centralized storage services is designed to provide project developers, open-source communities, and token teams with the tools they need to effortlessly manage their data.

Also it will enable users to store their own data in private cloud storages. This optional initiative makes use of both Dexgem Onchain Storage and Offchain Storage Services whereby applications implement an on-chain transaction handler that responds to the DEXGEM smart contract request for making a payment in return for retrieving or updating offchain data

We are excited to announce today our new business direction partnering with the Binance chain. The Binance chain will be the testbed for dexgem products, moving towards tokenized storage, cloud hosting services supernodes, and payment gateways for DApps.

Dexgem is launching DexNet onchain and offchain storage servers for dApps. The Dexgem team recently became one of the first to launch a dApp on the Binance blockchain. Now, they are working with other teams on new token projects that wish to integrate blockchain technology into their business models even faster than before.- Dexgem

Dexgem is partnering with the Binance Chain, to provide onchain storage for all BEP2 TRC20 Tokens issued on the exchange. Tokens issued on the Dexgem dexchange will be automatically deposited onto Storage smart contracts.

Dexgem, the smart toolbox for dApps, will offer service on multiple chains. Sidechains mean that dApp developers can perform advanced scaling and features tests before supporting onchain scaling measures. With this, businesses of all sizes will be able to use Dexgem to safely store a wide range of blockchain data.

Dexgem is launching Dexgem onchain and offchain storage servers, allowing users to secure their valuable data. Dexgem tools are compatible with multiple chains, allowing users to choose.

Dexgem is thrilled to announce the launch of its high-performance cross chain mainnet storage service. Dexgem’s hardware infrastructure will consist of sophisticated data centers throughout the world which guarantee 99.999% uptime and allows seamless data transfer between blockchains.

Besides providing tools for managing large amounts of data, Dexgem provides an excellent environment for new projects seeking to implement smart contracts based on third-party-developed systems that need to be securely stored or transferred across chains.

These can include anything from digital assets, game assets, digital IDs, national ID system, blockchain ID systems, and more. We work with developers so they

Dexgem is launching DexStore onchain and offchain storage servers. Storing data onchain costs too much. Storing data offchain costs users control of their data. The DexStore solves this with a hybrid solution, which lets users choose the amount of storage they need for each application, paying only for that storage with DEX tokens.

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