Elysian Finance : Future Global Finance Platform for Defi 3.0

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Decentralization will not happen overnight. In the next few years, Elysian Finance will see more and more markets begin to move away from centralization. Decisions made by centralized parties are their own and are often influenced by corporate interests or government regulations; they are not really working in the best interests of those who use their services. Users want to say how their data is used and how the platform operates — it’s true that they should be able to vote for them, so to speak. Having said that, let’s take a look at blockchain technology and understand some of the basic concepts behind it.
Elysian Finance is a platform that creates backup-backed tokens for the Defi industry and secures the web using next generation blockchain technology.

What’s unique about Elysian Finance is?
Elysian Finance a platform that creates backup-backed tokens for the Defi 3.0 industry and the decentralized web using next generation blockchain technology. Users who visit this site will be able to find stablecoins backed by protocols that are cutting-edge, inventive, and different from the protocols used in previous generations. Elysian Finance plans to develop a non-custodial protocol with a major emphasis on algorithmic asset emission and advanced on-chain asset management. This protocol will not only be used in the context of transactions, but also in other contexts such as bonds, on-chain governance, and non-fungible tokens (NFT). The smart contracts built by Elysian Finance include a number of important features, including risk-free value, protocol-owned liquidity and combined returns, and second-tier betting incentives.
The development of a non-custodial protocol with an emphasis on algorithmic asset emission and advanced on-chain asset management is a key goal of Elysian Finance.
To redeem pLYS it makes sense only when LYS is trading above its inherent value, like an option..
When the supply hits 12 percent, early supporters, advisors, and members of the team will be able to cumulatively deposit their pLYS holdings. This indicates that there will be a total of 120 thousand redeemable pLYS when the supply is at 1 million, 1.20 million when the supply is at 10 million, and so on.

Breakdown of pLYS distribution:
Team: 330m pLYS and 8% supply
Investors: 70m pLYS and 3% supply
Advisors: 50m pLYS and 1% supply
Community: 550m pLYS and no supply cap.

Features Elysian Finance
The contribution consists of an architecture for smart contracts that is upgradable and adaptable, in addition to capabilities such as the following:

-OTC market for bonds and inverse bonds
-Automated asset management
-Streamlined governance and NFT

A “vote-escrow” method layered on top of a rewards tier with a value of ve(3,3). The treasury’s capacity to be upgraded on Elysian was created so that users can readily get new infrastructure or modifications dictating how the system operates. It is important to note that the user is not required to upgrade their system in order to gain access to new DeFi integrations.

LYS Token
Elysian Finance has introduced a stablecoin-like token in the hopes of turning it into a token that users all over the world can make use of. LYS is a stablecoin with a value of $1 that will be backed by a smart contract that will regulate its supply and ensure that it is always available. Later on, Users who own pLYS tokens will be entitled to the ability to swap their tokens into LYS tokens. Because of this, supply and demand will be created, and the smart contract will manage all of this information. Elysian Finance intends to carry out the distribution of pLYS tokens via a token sale program, which will make it simple for consumers to acquire tokens.

Conclusion, There have been many attempts to bring blockchain technology to the mainstream, but most of them have fallen short. Some projects have limited utility, such as tokens that can only be used in a specific store or service. Others integrate outdated technologies that offer low scalability and storage capacity, or are simply unaffordable by most of the population. Elysian Finance is addressing these gaps by creating a modern blockchain at Defi 3.0. The protocol will be equipped with smart contracts that use next-generation computation technology and advanced on-chain management techniques that resolve issues faced by earlier generations of blockchain technology. Ultimately, Elysian Finance is working towards making Elysian Finance one of the most effective financial protocols to date, and helping it to effectively compete with other mainstay options like Ethereum and Bitcoin .

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