Elysian Finance is a Financially Decentralized System Designed for the Decentralized Web.

Alessandro Martinez
5 min readMay 29, 2022

Through the use of DeFi, anybody who has access to the internet and wants to can conduct business with anybody else anywhere in the world, regardless of where they are physically located. Customers who have been unsuccessful in their attempts to use the conventional banking system are another focus of DeFi marketing efforts. People who live in nations that are still developing now have access to banking services that were previously out of their reach.
Peer-to-peer financial transactions, also known as P2P transactions, are one of the most important breakthroughs that DeFi has introduced. These transactions allow users to send and receive digital payments directly with one another. It is possible to validate the transaction by utilizing the consensus process. An organization can continue to use its existing ERP infrastructure while still benefiting from DeFi safe, scalable, and automatic payments for B2B transactions. This allows the organization to have a more streamlined process.

Elysian Finance:

Elysian Finance is focusing on a non-custodial protocol centered on algorithmic asset emission and enhanced on-chain asset management in order to accomplish this. In preparation for DeFi 3.0 and the decentralized web, Elysian Finance is establishing a reserve-backed cryptocurrency. The Elysian Treasury will take part in market-building procedures, robo-trading, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) (ETFs). Elysian Finance’s smart contracts enable total visibility into both the execution of strategies and the development and operation of such strategies. Every Elysian token (LYS) issued is guaranteed to be backed by a treasury basket of assets worth $1. Tokens have inherent worth because of the risk-free value (RFV), which guarantees that every LYS issued is backed by $1.
Elysian Finance (LYS) intends to bring fresh life to the current status quo with an original project that is largely influenced by OHM but takes a distinct approach to system architecture. This contribution from Elysian Finance (LYS) extends the smart contract architecture by allowing extension (through the EIP-1822 proxy design) and modularity, among other things. Atop a ve(3,3) “vote-escrow” mechanism, Elysian Finance adds a layer of stake incentives on top of RFV, POL, and compounding returns while still preserving the most crucial qualities. Early in the development process, the Elysian Finance Team forecasts a first-quarter 2022 release date for this new endeavor.
With the objective of being run by the people, Elysian Finance takes great attention in involving its target audience. Bootstrap the treasury, and Elysian is now in the preparation phase for the fair debut event, in order to support early deliveries. To participate in the pre-sale, investors must deposit RFV ($1) in the treasury before the public selling begins and obtain “pre-Elysian,” a call option-type instrument that may be exchanged for Elysian (LYS) by depositing pLYS. It will offer a fixed number of Elysian (LYS) tokens at a price that is greater than the RFV in future token distributions to set itself apart from the competition.

The Mechanism for Distribution:

The pre-Elysian, option-inspired derivative of LYS known as PLYS is going to be delivered during the next round. Since the value of the LYS Treasury itself is one dollar, there must be one dollar in the reserve for each and every LYS that is issued. To mint LYS, you require one reserve asset and one pLYS, which totals to one dollar. One pLYS is equal to one reserve asset. When you use supply-based pricing, as the name suggests, you are placing your bets on a long-term plan that does not include any predetermined deadlines for increasing the amount of stock that is accessible. There are circumstances in which it is rational to exercise an option, such as when the market price of LYS is greater than its “intrinsic worth” (pLYS in this case). Once the supply reaches 12 percent, early funders, advisors, and members of the development team will be allowed to purchase PLYS. On the 10 million supply, there will be a minimum of 1.20 million reedemable pLYS available for distribution.
Below is a breakdown of the pLYS distribution:
Team: 330m pLYS and 8% supply
Investors: 70m pLYS and 3% supply
Advisors: 50m pLYS and 1% supply
Community: 550m pLYS and no supply cap.

The revenues from the distribution will be used to fund the development and growing of the business, as well as marketing and the creation of new products. Treasury bids are not an option for long-term financing of the project; hence, the primary focus of this round is on identifying alternative sources of funding. A larger user base and a higher emphasis on expansion are assured to exist in the beginning of the venture. Sign up for the whitelist in order to obtain an exhaustive prospect.
Whitelisting is the first step that must be taken in order to participate in the Pre-Elysian distribution. The Elysian Finance website provides users with the option to be whitelisted. Applicants need to be made aware that there is a cap on the number of positions available, and that after those positions are filled, further applications will no longer be considered. Moreover, after those positions have been filled, we will no longer be accepting applicant submissions.

Group of Elysian Financial Experts:
Members of the Elysian Finance team are passionate about computer science and their work focuses on the interface of encryption and the financial industry. Their expertise extends across a wide variety of fields, including distributed systems, trustless architectures, smart contracts, and network security. The team at Elysian Finance intends to have a positive influence on both the ecosystem and the industry as a whole by providing monetary services. Achieving this goal is one of their primary goals. In order to accomplish this, Elysian Finance is constantly looking for new ways to improve as well as better manage its people and financial resources.

In Conclusion:

In addition, Elysian is not just a one-off application — it stands as the foundation for future DeFi applications. Once established and functional, other Decentralized Financial Instruments (DeFi) can be built upon the Elysian platform. The unique features and attributes of the platform architecture make it a perfect platform for DeFi 3.0 applications. Overall, the Elysian platform looks intriguing. It appears to have strong support from major blockchain projects, an experienced team, and a system of transparent reserve-backed tokens. Its ambitious road map is an indication that the project is in it for the long haul.

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