How Moorex Is Making Charity Work And Changing The World For The Better

Alessandro Martinez
3 min readJan 19, 2022


Swap your cryptocurrency for a token that shows you how it’s used. We simplify everything. Tokenize your crypto and trade it with Moorex. When you make a trade, Moorex donates 0.75% of the transaction to charitable causes and the community of Moorex Traders.

Your financial transactions are powered by Moorex tokens, which are spent on every purchase made on the blockchain. We’re bringing charity and transparency to the crypto community, where anyone can help someone with a single transaction.

Moorex is changing the world with an innovative concept that is completely new to the cryptocurrency world. Moorex is a community based DeFi token created by the trading expert who wants to bring transparency into charity while still providing back to the community. Using their 0.75% of every transaction, Moorex donates this money directly to charity organizations and businesses seeking business grants.

What are Moorex? Moorex is a community based DeFi token facilitated by decentralization and is on the Ethereum blockchain. The best part about Moorex is the 0.75% donation of every trade to random charities, helping the world become a better place. By providing currency re-compensation and investment into companies, Moorex is changing the world for good.

Made to help you feel good about your money, Moorex is a community based DeFi token whose mission is to bring transparency into charity. Moorex takes 0.75% of every transaction belonging to the giver (you) and distributes it directly to various charities and businesses seeking business grants.

Moorex is using Blockchain technology to bring transparency and charity into the world of Finance! Tired of seeing transactions go to third-party anonymized accounts rather than where they were actually intended? Moorex has created a transparent charity based model that takes 0.75% of every transaction made within their ecosystem and donates it, directly to charities and business grant programs all across the globe in an effort to positively impact every area of this world.

Moorex is a DeFi token that pays it’s users to pledge their tokens toward charity. As an incentive, when users pledge, they are given the equivalent of the transaction fees back in Moorexes based on how long they pledge. Moorex also enables users to vote on where these funds are donated.

Charities and businesses have never been closer, thanks to Moorex DeFi token. This unique system helps charities get the funding they need to keep their community programs running smoothly. At the same time, DeFi token holders are able to make a little money from their transactions and support a good cause at the same time.

Moorex is a platform that has a strong desire to help the world and its people by becoming the leading community built decentralized payment network designed to serve as a self managed marketplace of useful services and opportunities. Moorex will be a financial ecosystem within the community in which all users receive fair rewards for their participation.

Moorex was created with the focus to disrupt the traditional charity sector. Today, Moorex has actively been researching and finding ways to become a more modern, transparent and functional way to donate, while still caring for the community that it serves.

As Moorex grows and more users join the platform, charitable donations in the community grow as well. Explaining the background of Moorex, the team behind it and what problem they are looking to solve.

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