How to Exchange your Ethereum for BRC, Value Coin and CAT on SplashSwap

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Splash is a decentralized trading platform for Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, and all ERC20 tokens. Currently we provide users the following trading pairings for BTC: BRC-ETH and ETH-BRC; ETH-CAT and CVC. We are in the process of developing the new trading pairs of ETH-CAT and BRC-ETH . After this is complete, users will be able to deposit BTC to Splash exchange after our mainet release and get your locked SplashTokens in return. In simple words you will be able to exchange your Ethereum for BRC , Value Coin and CAT on SplashSwap .

SplashSwap is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that allows you to have full control of your account. It means that there is no central authority to manage your assets truly. And the best of all, it’s based on blockchain technology so that it will never be interrupted when working. With Splash, you are always in charge of your account and assets.

The purpose of this article is to show you how to exchange your ERC20 or ERC223 tokens for BRC, Value Coin and CAT using Splash’s decentralized exchange platform. This can be done on the Ethereum blockchain through its ERC20 operations. There are a few things that you need to have before doing the exchange. These are:

You can exchange your ETH to BRC,VCP and CAT on the Splash platform by following the steps below.

The Splash exchange platform allows users to have a unique opportunity to receive free passive cryptocurrency income by running a token-based voting masternode from the Ethereum mainnet and exchange coins from the Ethereum mainnet to BitCNY (a stable coin) on the DEX platform. Users should first exchange their cryptocurrencies into ETH in the wallet provided on the website and then send some ETH to the ERC20 smart contract. After obtaining the receipt, they can exchange all supported cryptocurrencies including EOS, BNT, TFT, CVC, ABT, LOVE and etc on Splash.

Swapping coins requires one to find an exchange where the currencies are traded. As a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, Splash offers you an opportunity to buy, sell and exchange coins at a great rate and with a high level of security.

Is it possible to exchange ETH with BRC, VC1, CAT on Splash ?

SplashSwap is a community-governed trading platform that allows users to bring their own asset (BYO) and trade it directly with each other on the DEX. Users can go through BRC, Value Coin, CAT and exchange them into ETH, EOS and many other main stream tokens and coins.

This guide is designed to show you step-by-step how to use the SplashSwap platform and our web based wallet, ERCDex. Before reading this guide, please read our introduction article to learn more about Splash Platform tokens (Ethereum Smart Contract Tokens: ERC20 based) and the Splash native token. This article starts with a basic explanation of Splash Platform and its differences with other token platforms. After we have introduced you to Splash Platform, this guide will explain in detail how to buy and sell ETH for SPL, ETHC and CAT using the unified platform, ERCDex. Please note that ETH/

It is easy and simple to trade Ethereum for BitRent(BRC), Value Coin (VLC) and Catcoin (CAT) on SplashSwap. This guide will show you step by step how to execute the trades.

Multilingual Support: Currently supported by more than 10 languages. Instant Exchange: Three steps to exchange your Ethereum to BRC, Value Coin and CAT. High-frequency Operation: The server is deployed in Cloud Service Platform. Low Fee: Only 0.1% trading fee will be charged on the transaction of ETH trade

Please note that the specific process presented here is meant to demonstrate the intended process of exchange between Ethereum and Value Coin (VLC), and not a formalized guide. Always carefully follow the instructions provided by your exchange, or conduct additional research, before sending any currency to an exchange.

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