How Udego Finance Is Creating An Atmosphere Of Cooperation

Alessandro Martinez
3 min readDec 17, 2021


Udego Finance is known as a financial system. The Udego Finance may result in the emergence of new financial markets and products. To create a biologically inspired monetary application system, blockchain networks are deployed.

Udego Finance observes all processes of the global economy and human society, using artificial intelligence and bio-economics to create a brand new kind of cooperative monetary applications.

In order to address its market demands, Udego Finance has initiated a blockchain based monetary application. Market analysts are projecting that the emergence of blockchain networks will result in the creation of new markets, applications, and products.

Udego Finance is a decentralized application platform created by Udego Financial Technologies LLP. It is designed to facilitate the emergence of new financial markets and productsin an atmosphere of cooperation and collaboration among people and institutions to create more efficient, effective, inclusive, transparent, and secure financial systems on a global scale.

Our Udego Finance project offers a three-in-one solution to the problem of cryptocurrency volatility and instability. A biological system of transferring, storing, and investing in cryptocurrency ― via a decentralized platform that has blockchain at its core and is also powered with artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms ― will be created.

A new finance application system based on blockchain technology has been proposed, which is named as Udego Finance or UFG. The basic structure of UFG is composed of two-layer ecological systems: genetic algorithm (GA) and three-tier network topology.

The three–tiered network topology of UFG can simulate the interaction and cooperation between each other to establish the coalitional system and payment system.

Udego Finance is seeking to blast off above traditional fiat currencies. By utilizing the advances of blockchain technology, Udego is poised to make a major monetary contribution to the global economy.

The Udego Finance system is building an animal species-like economy, in which resources are produced and supplied at market prices. The supply of biological cells that are subject to genetic material change (conflict over resources) is inspired by the biology of our planet.

Udego Finance is designed to create an atmosphere of cooperation. Our team was inspired by nature’s strategies that contribute to “survival of the fittest.” In this case, finance is the field we are looking at while applying survival of the fittest strategy. We see vast potential in this approach.

Udego Finance was created with the vision of an assembly of crypto-economy participants, including Udegox users, token holders and the Udego team. The ultimate goal is to create a tokenized ecosystem that has a positive impact on real economies.

Udego will operate as an individual marketplace. Each seller can use Udego to sell his/her products at no cost and Udego takes a small margin from the price of each order. A smart contract is developed for each new transaction to ensure that the seller is paid and that there is no way of maliciously changing this contract.

Udego is a new, real-time microlending platform that connects students with lenders and enables them to receive financing to meet their campus expenses. Upon graduation, Udego members have the opportunity to use the platform, including further microloans, in other parts of the developing world where credit may be difficult or even impossible to access.

Current applications include higher education funding, but it has potential far beyond this.

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