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Alessandro Martinez
4 min readNov 22, 2021


Sin City Metaverse’s Having over 10 years’ experience investing in digital assets, Sin City Metaverse is proud to announce opening Strategic Fund, which allows Sin City Metaverse to invest in promising ideas and house them in Sin City Metaverse, leveraging its broad network of partners. $SIN token holders will benefit greatly from this investment, as all gains will be reinvested in the buyback and burn program as a seed round investor.

Sin City Metaverse’s Strategic Fund allows for the best ideas to be brought into the Sin City Metaverse platform. $SIN token holders benefit greatly from this investment, as all gains will be reinvested in the buyback and burn program. When investors reap rewards, $SIN token holders do too.

Sin City Metaverse aims to be the world’s top crypto fund manager. Our goal is to build a multi-billion dollar portfolio of 1,000+ cryptos, over 1/10 of all cryptocurrencies in the market. The strategic investment fund allows us to turn $SIN token holders into 1% gainers by investing $SIN token for seed round in promising projects.

Sin City Metaverse’s approach allows 1,000+ cryptos to thrive for years to come by dedicating 10% of our profits into buyback and burn program.

Sin City Metaverse is a leading Ethereum-blockchain based entertainment platform, was built for all blockchain entertainment applications. Our decentralized browser will lead the forefront in the blockchain industry’s most rigorous testing, most complete development environment, and improve security to minimize development costs.

Sin City is led by industry professionals with more than 10 years of experience in the gaming/gambling industry. With our strategic fund — Sin City Metaverse Fund — we can invest in promising ideas and house them in Sin City Metaverse.

Sin City Metaverse (SCMV), dapp developer of the first dapp on VeChain, is announcing its investment fund, The Strategic Fund. Sin City Metaverse will invest in promising ideas and house them in the holding pool, building value for our community.

Sin City Metaverse’s seed fund, Strategic Fund, in existence in the Sin City Metaverse ecosystem since November 2017, has been opened by Metaverse Foundation in order to become a fully transparent and legitimate centralized asset management team with support from the $SIN community.

Sin City Metaverse’s Strategic Fund is the best place to find the right team for your project.

We believe in the future of blockchain technology and its application to real world challenges. Sin City Metaverse is dedicated to developing, investing in, and deploying blockchain-based solutions to solve practical problems in business, government, healthcare, and many other areas. We partner with top companies, institutions, funds, governments, and individuals to build blockchain-enabled technology.

Sin City Metaverse is looking for the very best strategy fund managers in the blockchain space. If you are an expert in successfully investing your cryptocurrency assets in the realm of blockchain projects, click this link to fill in the forms with all your relevant information. Your submissions will be reviewed by our team and you may be contacted in the near future.

The three co-founders of Sin City Metaverse are serial entrepreneurs who have been involved in blockchain for several years. Each of them has invested in more than 20 blockchain projects, including Industry Chain, Yangtze River, YES DEx, Cloud Purse, Banca ,NANJCOIN ,etc .

Some of these projects are now worth hundreds of millions of dollars. After many years of accumulation, they decided to close cooperation to better provide for community members and investors.

Sin City Metaverse is a broad-based blockchain entertainment ecosystem that consists of a high performance public chain, a rich futuristic city setting and a group of decentralized applications. Sin City Metaverse provides a better, fully immersive and interactive environment for users, developers and entrepreneurs to create, publish, distribute and exchange different content types from 3D/VR to AR/AI.

With all the gushers in the ICO market, Sin City Metaverse is leading the way into the next generation of cryptocurrency asset management. What sets this company apart? Well, diversification is one key. Sin City Metaverse is an easily tradable token with a built-in, incentivized consumer base.

Plus, Sin City Metaverse has a track record of managing coins with an average increase of more than 1,000% return to investors since 2013.

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