Moorex Token: A Powerful Force For Cryptocurrency

A revolutionary way for any cryptocurrency to reward its believers, supporters, and contributors. The Moorex platform will rapidly grow its membership base by providing the networking environment and the tools that are necessary to help the community grow. In addition to the above benefits, Moorex token holders will also have a voice in controlling their currency’s direction and advance by voting in Moorex governance mechanisms.

The first and only multi-chain decentralized finance token. Moorex was created by a dedicated team based in Silicon Valley and Hong Kong with years of industry experience. The Moorex token is now live on the Ethereum and Binance Chain, allowing businesses, institutions and individuals to enter the blockchain industry safely, transparently and honestly.

Moorex token is a multi-chain DeFi token that combines intelligent contract capability and will be the leader of all other DeFi tokens across the board. The Moorex has many great features, but there are a few key benefits:

2. A transaction fee tax that is distributed among all holders, which means everyone that holds Moorex will receive a never ending cycle of passive income.

3. Safety and security with smart contracts allow for you to be guaranteed that tokens will stay within your wallet because there is no way for them to enter an exchange wallet address, or get tossed out on the street through their website.

The Moorex token is community-driven and has a debt-based proof-of-stake consensus mechanism. The mission of the Moorex token community is to improve the lives of multi-generational families. The company itself will create a Smart Chain on the Binance platform that acts as a second layer to distribute a 1% transaction tax among all holders. Another 1% of the transaction tax will go to charity wallet for business grants.

The Moorex token is a community of 100 billion maximum supply collecting the value of transaction tax and continuously distributing to token holders. Since Moorex token has been trading on Binance since early 2018, the price is already recorded at $0.01 on the blockchain.

This is why we recommend that you buy now by transferring Moorex tokens from wallets to exchanges, in order to realize a return on investment in your assets when it hits the mainstream one day.

Moorex token is going to be the second most liquid and powerful DeFi token after DAI, which means it will work as an excellent medium for lending. And its powerful Yaka smart contract protocol makes it much more robust than its competitors. If you are interested in exchanges on decentralized platforms, total supply will grow with time, just like Bitcoin and Ether have distributions. Something to think about.

Moorex token is developed to be used as an ERC20 but can be refunded to Binance Chain in the future, and will be used on Binance DAC.

The Moorex team are excited to be launching the Moorex Token, a new DeFi token aiming to bring transparency and anonymity into charity in the finance sector. Moorex token has a maximum supply of 100 billion on the ERC20 and Binance Chain smart contracts. A 1% transaction tax is distributed among all holders, which means everyone that holds Moorex token will receive a never ending cycle of passive income.

The Moorex Blockchain seeks to bring the power of blockchain technology to the world of philanthropy by building a decentralized ecosystem which enables cryptocurrencies and charities to work hand in hand. By doing so, Moorex is able to unleash new possibilities for social good leveraging the power of Ethereum blockchain technology and smart contracts.




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