Stabila Cost Management Database Helps Reduce Risk And Build Effective Financial Models

Alessandro Martinez
3 min readFeb 3, 2022

Now you can build effective financial models for accurate and comprehensive project cost estimates (3% of risk reduction). You can be confident in your software, because it’s supported by Stabila, a company that has been in business for over 100 years.

Develop financial models for estimating and scheduling your construction project. The Cost Management Database software gives you full access to all areas of your project, including job costs, labor estimates and subcontractor details.

Start with the latest and most up-to-date data to minimize risk and build more effective schedules to finish on time.

Cost database software designed specifically for the construction industry. Designed to streamline, simplify and centralize all cost data on one easy-to-use database.

The Cost Management Database software is an effective tool for managing costs, resources, and critical milestones. Easy to use and set up, it will help you make a detailed cost estimate and plan project resources.

The Cost Management Database includes estimates of personnel, material, time and equipment costs that are based on statistical analysis.

By documenting your project schedule in your database, you will be able to locate historical information faster as well as spot any trends that may affect your schedule or budget.

When a project has risks we all suffer. The Stabila Cost Management Solution addresses the root causes of cost overruns, schedule delays, late risk issues and cascading effects that arise when information isn’t at hand when you need it most.

Whether you need to document basic project information or anticipate complex financial models, Stabila offers a cost management solution for everyone.

With over 25 years’ experience with their powerful tracker application, they understand the needs of construction companies and are dedicated to developing innovative solutions that reduce risk and increase profits.

With a complete cost management database solution from Stabila, you can cut project costs, reduce risk and improve projects with enterprise-wide reporting and cost modules.

For contractors, property managers, real estate developers and more, their holistic project and reporting solutions close the gaps between profitability and performance.

The Stabila Cost Management Database is an easy to use solution for managing project costs and scheduling construction projects. The program allows you to manage project cost, resources and schedules, even if your business operates nationally or internationally and employs thousands of people.

Stabila’s Construction Cost Management Database (CCMD) has been developed as a flexible tool that enables you to quickly and easily build your own cost models and derive meaningful information from both simple or complex projects.

This can be used to help manage and control costs, reduce risk and improve the quality of estimates. CCMD provides you with the tools to access data within your browser-based interface.

The Stabila Construction Project Management Database offers in-depth cost control, reporting and planning capabilities to help you optimise the use of your latest equipment and machinery.

Flexible parameters mean you can build your own bespoke projects if required. Focussed on you, the end user at all times, the Stabila Cost Management Database is quick and easy to install, simple to operate and ready to run.

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