Stabila Introduces New Collaborative Database Platform

Alessandro Martinez
3 min readJan 22, 2022


Carry out maintenance work activities (tasks, equipment, resources and spatial information) better and faster. This is what you can do with the Stabila Collaborative Database Platform (DbSP) — provided with a consistent, highly sophisticated database model that simplifies all processes. With the Stabila Collaborative Database System (DbSP), Stabila set new standards.

Stabila developed to help you work smarter and more efficiently with your data. The platform allows anyone in your organization to access a single version of all of the critical building data, and also to collaborate with colleagues across the globe. With Stabila it is possible to reduce errors, increase productivity, and free up resources to focus on future projects.

Stabila is developing a new database platform designed specifically for the Construction industry. This platform will be web-based and available for any construction professional, both on-site and remote, to access. Stabila will enable collaboration among all parties involved across a project lifecycle by connecting via their tablet or mobile device.

Stabila you’ll be able to monitor costs at the highest level and make better decisions from the get-go based on more realistic costs when projects are green lit.

Download Stabila at the Apple Store or Google Play! Stabila has been designed for construction employees with a hi-tech look and feel, enabling them to register in real time when they work at site. This will help make sure you have correct quantities on your Job Invoices, as well as improves accountability for all parties involved (employees, sub-contractors, even customers).

In order to master its results even better and move on with more satisfied clients, Stabila has developed a new database platform that intends to work in continuous feedback with them. For a better collaboration with customers, the company has implemented an improvement which made the new structure of data management far easier and faster.

Stabila built with the aim to provide Stabila customers with an unambiguous workflow process and a simple and intuitive interface, while still being able to offer the same functionality as all our other solutions. Stabila have designed Stabila to be robust with a super high performance level, yet scalable at the same time.

Stabila strive to be transparent in our operations and to offer responsive customer service.

Codes and standards limit the use of fixed points. The latest version of Stabila is a collaborative database platform especially for the Construction Industry. It collects data collaboratively, working together with your CAD system. This makes sure you won’t miss out on any opportunities to increase construction efficiency.

Stabila also has its own import window, making it easy to add more information to your project. Stabila can work independently from all the other application in your company.

A collaborative platform to assist multiple people accessing and reviewing the same data but at differing locations in different time zones.

It supports stakeholders such as designers, quantity surveyors, E&M consultants, engineers and specifiers in the field dealing with challenges commonly experienced with floor plans such as updating a design to reflect latest amendments or as new conditions are identified.

Stabila is a new collaborative database platform especially for the Construction Industry. Stabila works with any other applications used in your company. Including: Microsoft Office, Sage Epress, Quickbooks, Act!, Sage Estimating, and many more.

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