STABILA is a powerful platform providing decentralized services and security to its users


STABILA are proud to introduce you to the first decentralized security platform that constantly monitors hundreds of platforms and identifies malicious activity, drastically reducing the possibility of your funds being stolen. That is STABILA.

We are happy to introduce the STABILA platform that is to protect blockchain-based applications from hacks and scams.

Stabila is a decentralized platform protection service that protects your website against hacking attacks, as well as existing blockchain technology.

Imagine a network which allows users to automatically replace any malicious activity occurring on their platform with trusted transactions. Imagine an ecosystem where members of your team are incentivized to work tirelessly to ensure that you not only stay relevant, but are never disrupted by an attack.

Introducing the STABILA, a decentralized platform protection service. Aimed at creating a secure environment for traders on various platforms, it allows members of the community to identify malicious actors and constantly monitor blockchain transactions.

This will significantly decrease fraudulent activity on cryptocurrency exchanges and other services that utilize smart contracts. The ICO is currently in progress, information on the project can be found here:

The blockchain is a new and revolutionary technology, but it hasn’t been able to solve one of its biggest challenges — the protection of transactions. The world has started to experience an influx of attacks on platforms that rely on the blockchain, which results in both huge losses for companies and users and distrust in the technology itself.

Among those who are most vulnerable are the businesses that recently entered the blockchain market or plan to do so soon. In order to maintain the integrity of their services and provide their customers with complete peace of mind, they need to be protected from these threats. We have found a solution: STABILA

all know how important it is to be careful with our information and money. STABILA offers the best protection when trading cryptocurrencies. This is achieved by making sure that fraudulent activities do not appear on your account, thanks to SOCIAL KNOWLEDGE. All of the experts who are involved in the process are constantly aware of what’s happening in the platform.

The blockchain community is constantly growing and it needs protection from every single one of us.

The blockchain technology has caught on. Now STABILA takes security to the next level for platform participants. The community can accurately identify participants and control fraudulent activity, in a way that is decentralized, safe, transparent and convenient.

What does STABILA do? As a decentralized platform protection service, we make using the blockchain more secure. Blockchain transactions are public and therefore potentially vulnerable to hackers. Attackers can try to create unauthorized blocks or use fake identities in order to manipulate and seize funds.

The world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain is booming. Despite this, cyber-attacks are abundant: from phishing scams and destruction of the system to attacks on exchanges from financial algorithms. STABILA addresses these problems by building a decentralized platform for protection from such attacks.

Stabila platform provides a solution to problems users face with the creation of blockchain-based projects. Users are protected from attacks that appear on the blockchain within the first 3 months of project creation and receive a stable token.

We give attention to reasonable pricing, in comparison with competitors on the market, we have reasonable costs for subscription and fast support, we have transparent conditions of development and provide necessary answers without delay.

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STB address: SNR8tojYH8S5dpGiUJPTr7pP3sJxjd6rX5



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