$TROPHY is an enterprise with a focus on decentralized finance that generates benefits and value for token holders.

Alessandro Martinez
4 min readJul 3, 2022

Welcome to Trophy
Recently, the term “DeFi” or “Decentralized Finance” has becoming more widely used. Several experts have examined the potential presence of DeFi. The benefits they see include complete anonymity and trust, according to a part of them. It is possible to run a decentralized exchange on DeFi. It is possible to transact with cryptocurrencies using merely a valid digital wallet address. The DeFi Staking (PoS) approach, which is used on blockchains to provide liquidity for PoS consensus-based transaction validation, can also be used with DeFi Staking.
Trophy, a company that focuses on DeFi innovation, has a feature that allows token holders to make a large profit.

What is $TROPHY
With the Trophy Auto-Staking Protocol (TAP), which is a unique financial protocol that simplifies and improves the efficiency of wagering, $TROPHY token holders will enjoy the most consistent returns in the world.
Token holders of the $TROPHY token (a Bep20 token) benefit from the company’s focus on DeFi innovation utilities, such as DEX SWAP and FARM STAKING, both of which create value for the token holders. The Trophy Auto-Staking Protocol (TAP) is a new financial protocol that makes staking easier to manage while providing stable returns to the $TROPHY token holders. A Bep20 token, Trophy, is the name of this item.
In order for $TROPHY tokens to be purchased and sold on PancakeSwap, there must be an adequate amount of market liquidity. The price per TROPHY will rise as a result, and the aforementioned ratio will change as a result. In marketing, the inverse is also true. TROPHY Auto-Liquidity Engine (TALE) solves this problem by automatically adding more liquidity to the pool, allowing anyone to purchase and sell their TROPHY/BNB at any moment; but, if there is less money/liquidity in the pool, you will receive a lower price.

Low Risk — TROPHY Insurance Fund (TIF)
The TROPHY Insurance Fund receives 4% of all trading fees and uses those funds to assist sustain and support bet rewards. This is accomplished by maintaining price stability and significantly lowering the danger of losing money.

Interest Yield — Automatic Payments
You do not need to be concerned about getting your tokens back after they were staked. The interest returns are paid automatically and accumulated in your own wallet, ensuring that you will never miss a payment and removing the possibility of losing out on potential earnings.

Auto Token Burn
One of the fascinating aspects of the TROPHY Protocol is the automatic token burning system that is referred to as “The Furnace.” This method ensures that the circulating supply will not become unmanageable and will not become unmanageable. The Furnace consumes one and a half percent of the total market value of Trophy Tokens.

Do Trophy Token Protocols Serve a Purpose Other Than Just Adding Value?
Staking TROPHY tokens on the TROPHY.IO network is an option available to token holders. There will be a monthly distribution of up to 50% of TROPHY fees to token holders. Increasing the monthly salary is possible by making improvements to the TDP. New investors can make a 15% return on their initial investment in just seven days.
The technique pays a daily interest rate, which is automatically compounded, increasing your daily revenue tremendously.
If you are interested or want to learn more about the Trophy protocol, please Visit https://trophy.io/money-market/.

Staking (Stake and Earn more $TROPHY)

A simple app platform called Trophy Staking. To begin staking, simply connect your wallet and earn 1.2 percent daily for 365 days with auto compounding. This could result in an annual percentage rate of up to 850 percent.
For TAP Protocol Earning Participants, Trophy Offers a Stable Annual Percentage Yield.

Automatic Staking and Automatic Compound Protocols, as well as Various Utilities, for Trophy Farming Staking will begin at 500 $TROPHY for those who hold Trophy Tokens.

Percentage of Annual Yield” is the abbreviation APY. Taking into account compound interest, the “real” rate of return on the principle amount invested is determined. When it comes to Trophy, your $TROPHY tokens represent your principal. There is no difference between your new principal and your Trophy tokens.

Tokenomics of Trophy

Name: Trophy
Ticker: TROPHY
Trophy Smart Contract: 0xBaAd7173c7eDd91269F52c32c1d98B523e1852e4
Total Supply: 280,000 $Trophy
Locked: 90,600 $Trophy
Public Hold: 120,000
Staking Liquidity: 40,000
Airdrop and Bounty: 10,000
Marketing: 15,000

The price of one TROPHY will rise as more people buy it, and the previously mentioned ratio will be revised to reflect this new reality. When it comes to making a purchase, the process is the same as when selling. Moreover, Trophy has developed its own patented mechanics that are superior to those of other businesses in the industry. Tokenomics TROPHY Auto-Burn Furnace structure is likewise a one-of-a-kind invention. Trophy ensures long-term growth by maintaining a constant rate of growth.


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