TVG is a social token that allows users to donate to charitable organizations while also allowing them to trade and make purchases.

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The global economy relies heavily on information technology. The advancement of information technology will have an impact on the financial industry. Digital currency, also known as “virtual currency,” is the result of financial technology advancements that have led to the emergence of Cryptocurency (financial technology). When it comes to making online purchases, digital currency is becoming more commonplace. Convenience and security are two of the primary goals of this currency. Reduced transaction costs can be achieved through the use of Blockchain. Blockchain technology can be used to facilitate international money transfers while also ensuring maximum transparency in financial transactions, such as TVG.

TVG Coin is a social token that allows users to donate to charitable organizations while also allowing them to trade and make purchases. Allows money transfers between countries, as well as full financial transaction disclosure. There has never been a project in which every purchase contributes to the greater good. To bring happiness to the faces of those less fortunate, a portion of TVG will be contributed with each transaction. TVG is a blockchain-based social enterprise that uses the best of both worlds.
As a blockchain-based cryptocurrency, TVG has a solid foundation to stand on. The TVG team came up with an innovative way to make contributions simple, trustworthy, and safe using blockchain technology. TVG Coin will be the first cryptocurrency with a strong focus on nonprofits to hit the market. TVG will donate a portion of its profits from the TVG Charity Supply Fund to a deserving charity for every dollar that customers spend with us.

The Aims Of The Platform
One of the goals of the token is to create a medium for charity donations that will safeguard forests, animals, and life in general.
The platform’s creators hope that the TVG coin will be freely available in the majority of the world’s countries. While diversifying the coin’s supply around the world, more investors will contribute to an increase in coin production. This means that the token supply will be increased to one trillion tokens, which will satisfy the needs of worldwide investors. They hope to achieve greater success in the crypto market by working hard and being committed. Because to the support and partnership from their users, they will reach this remarkable milestone.

TRON first social token network, TVG Coin (TVG), has been launched.
Using TVG Coin as an example, the contributor sees an investment fund increase and then sells a portion of that gain in order to give back to the community. Saving time and effort by not having to sell the full asset means more money to give away. Without going via traditional charitable methods, all of this can be accomplished.
Simple: make bitcoin payments more secure for regular use using TVG Coin. Security is at the forefront of the design of our cutting-edge, top-of-the-line technology. For this reason, TVG Coin will never be used for illegitimate purposes or stolen by hackers or phishing scams, as only trustworthy people can transact with it. Using smart contracts and strong fraud detection algorithms, this token assures that all cryptocurrency transactions are secure at all times, and that no one loses money through our platform.


TVG Coin current position on CoinMarketCap is #3329, with a live market value of $1.04 billion. The current supply of TVG Coin is 1,000,000,000,000,000,000. The current TVG Coin price is $0.03669 USD with a trading volume of $582,400 USD in the last 24 hours. The real-time TVGCoin to USD exchange rate can be found here.


Name: TVG Coin
Symbol: TVG
Total supply: 1 Trillion
Coin Platform Network: TRC-20
Coin Name: TVG: Social Coin

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